Monday, May 18, 2020

Good Morning! Happy Monday & Happy Summer!

Hello All!

This will be our last 1st grade blog post! Wow! It was SOOOOO amazing to see those of you who drove by school this morning, it made us quite literally cry tears of joy. We can't wait to see more of you tomorrow. We hope that everyone will be able to join us for our last two class zooms, tomorrow @ 9am and Thursday @ 9:30am.

Miss Modisett purchased a hammock for her back patio with the teacher appreciation gift that you all sent! Thank you! She can't wait to spend summer mornings and evenings here. 

Mrs. Restivo got creative this weekend and painted a shirt with beet juice! 

She also dressed up for the teacher end of year zoom party! 

Monday, May 11, 2020

Good Morning! Happy Monday!

Hello All!

I hope everyone had fun time celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday! I know I am so thankful for all of the wonderful mama's in my life!

A few important announcements:
-Our last week of one-on-one reading will be this week!
-Work in Google Classroom for the week of May 18th is optional
-Please pick up an end of year gift at school on May 18th from 8-9am or May 19th from 5-6pm
-Our last class zoom will be on May 21st at 9:30am. This will be our end of year celebration!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Here are some pictures from our weekends:

Here is Mrs. Restivo with her children 

Mrs. Miller made a bookmark for the new book she is reading

The jacaranda tree is Mrs. Miller's favorite because the leaves turn lavender 
Mrs. Miller finished her penguin puzzle

Miss Modisett made homemade peach ice cream for 
a special Mother's Day treat! 
It was a process! 

Presenting the treat! 

Here I am with my mama 

With the whole family eating breakfast! 

Monday, May 4, 2020

Good Morning! Happy Monday!

Hello 1A!

I can't believe it is already May! Just a few short weeks left for us to learn and grow together :)
We are hard at work coming up with some special gifts and activities to celebrate you during our last week of school. Stay tuned for details :)
For now, please send in any pictures or videos from this school year. These can be pictures from our school events or things you loved doing. You can also send in a picture or video that answers the question "What was your favorite part of 1st grade?" Please email or text these to Miss Modisett by May 15th.

Mrs. Miller takes rides in her family golf cart.

Mrs. Miller is still working on her penguin puzzle

Rabbits often sit on Mrs. Miller's Back Porch 

Miss Modisett tried on some bridesmaid dresses this weekend because she will be the Maid-of-Honor in her best friends wedding this coming November. 

Miss Modisett made fresh Naan Flatbreads this weekend. She's choosing to call them "extra crispy" instead of somewhat burnt. 

Miss Modisett got inspired by Mrs. Miller and started a new puzzle. 

Miss Modisett also started a new embroidery project. Any guesses on what it will be? 

Mrs. Restivo had lots of backyard water fun with her kiddos this weekend! 

Monday, April 27, 2020

Good Morning! Happy Monday!

Dear 1st Graders!

We can't wait for all the learning that this week has in store! We love seeing you on Zoom and hope you will all join on Tuesday and Friday, it is the highlight of our week. Miss Modisett is also excited to read one-on-one with each of you, you are all making such great reading progress! Keep working hard, we love you, we miss you, and we are so proud of you!

Here is how we spent our weekends:

Miss Modisett did a lot of baking! 
She also started another embroidery project. 

Lastly, she celebrated the 1 year anniversary of bringing her dog home with a special pup cup treat! 

Mrs. Miller is making progress on her puzzle. 

Mrs. Miller saw these beautiful roses on a bike ride.

Mrs. Miller also took down an old fence in her backyard.

Mrs. Restivo had a great time camping in the backyard with her family. 

They even had smores over a fire! 

Monday, April 20, 2020

Good Morning! Happy Monday!

Dear 1A,

Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Restivo, and I are so proud of all your hard work during these new times! We have loved seeing you on the class and one-on-one zoom session, it makes our hearts very happy.
Keep working hard and learning! You can do this!

Here are some things that we did last week:
Mrs. Miller starter her favorite puzzle!

She saw her favorite cactus, the ocotillo, on a bike ride!

Mrs. Miller also made one of her favorite cookies this weekend!

Mrs. Restivo found her favorite flower, it surprises her every spring! 

Mrs. Restivo also enjoyed some time with her dog, Cara (which means dear friend), 
who looks particularly regal in this photo

Miss Modisett taught herself to embroider (a type of sewing),
 and finished her first project. 

Miss Modisett also made some homemade bread
The dough had to sit and rise for 24 hours! 

It was so delicious she started eating it before she could even stop to take a picture. 

Miss Modisett also enjoyed some cuddle time with her puppy, Q

and also laughed at how silly she can be (look at those puppy teeth growing into adult teeth)

Miss Modisett got a new plant and even painted an old stand to look fresh and beautiful 

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Good Morning! Happy Tuesday!

Dear 1st Graders,

We hope you had a fun and relaxing easter weekend! We are excited to see what new things we can learn together this week. We miss and love you so very much and we are oh so proud of all the hard things you continue to do!

Congratulations to the following students for signing in to Xtra math last week:
Alina, Archer, Beckett, Bernardo, Caleb, Claire, David, Devin, Eleanor, Ezra, Isabella, Jacey, Jacob, Jonathan, Karis, Kreera, Kennedy, Lorelai, Michael, Noah, Nora, Penelope, Sadie, Shiloh, and Stephen.
It is important that you practice your math facts every week for continued math success! Keep working hard! 

This week Miss Modisett will continue to read with each of you one on one via Zoom! She can't wait to hear how you are doing with your reading. 

Here are some pictures of how we spent our weekend:

Mrs. Restivo Celebrated Easter with Her Family
                                                              They colored eggs
                                                       and baked the yummy cake recipe that
                                                        Mrs. Miller shared last week!

                                              They even celebrated a birthday! 
                                                   Happy Birthday, Isabelle!
Mrs. Miller Got Mail
Thank you, Michael & Hudson!

Watch for these fraction picture pieces in the mail from Mrs. Miller this week!

Mrs. Miller is Grateful!
Miss Modisett Enjoyed the Desert Sun

Laughed at Her Puppy's Funny Faces

Made a Yummy Easter Brunch

Used some of her Easter Candy to Make a Bunny Carrot Cake

Made Homemade Pierogies 

Pierogies are Polish potato dumplings 
Miss Modisett grew up eating these 

Monday, April 6, 2020

Good Morning! Happy Monday!

Dear 1st Graders,

We continue to be so proud of you and to miss you so very much! Good job completing your work next week and listening to mom and dad. This week,  the work that you do at home might look a little bit different. You might be able to even watch videos of Miss Modisett, Miss Dawson, and Mrs. Baij doing Spalding, Math, History, and Literature. Remember, keep working hard-we know you can do it!

Congratulations to the following students for signing in to Xtra math as of Friday, April 3rd:
Alina, Archer, Beckett, Bernardo, Caleb, Claire, David, Devin, Eleanor, Emily, Ezra, Isabella, Jacey, Jonathan, Karis, Keera, Kennedy, Michael, Norah, and Shiloh!
If you haven't started your Xtramath yet, ask mom and dad how you can have more math fun and get your name on our blog!

This week each of you will get a chance to read with Miss Modisett on the phone or on Zoom. She can't wait to hear how much you've been learning! With mom and dad's permission, you can also join our class zoom sessions on Tuesday & Thursday @ 9am. Bring something special to share and get ready to listen to a new story.

Here are some pictures of what Miss Modisett did over the weekend:
Re-Organized her Book/Puzzle Shelf

Played Ball with Q

Made Brownies with Frosting & Sprinkles 

Enjoyed a Nice Long Walk Outside

Here are some pictures of what Mrs. Miller did over the weekend:
Colored The Picture From Our Blog Post Last Week

Enjoyed Nature's Beauty on Her Walk

Baked an Inspired Cake Recipe!

Here are some pictures of what Mrs. Restivo did over the weekend:

Created "Four Square" & "Hop Scotch" Areas
in Her Backyard with her Kids, they were her favorite games as a kid too!

All of the 1st grade teachers put together this picture for you:

Last week I mentioned that any of you could ask mom and dad to send me a picture of what you have been learning at home!
Eleanor had her mom send me this video of her rock collection:

Jonathan had his mom send me this picture of his pet rock:

If you have something to share from your learning this week, ask mom and dad if it is okay to share with me and I will put it on the blog.

That's all for now! We love you and hope you have the very best week!

Miss Modisett, Mrs. Miller, & Mrs. Restivo